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BIG+BIH Show Bangkok

Another year another BIG+BIH show, the twice annual Bangkok gift and housewares show I've covered before. Some of my favorite things were on show, but I've selected a few new items from this years show that highlight what Thai crafts are about.


Starting with this from the housewares section, these stools are carved from a single trunk of wood. Amazing twists and turns and yet they are so solid and heavy with a real feel of quality about them.


Not just one style either, you can get the pieces made to order in the style you want, small orders are welcome. They make tables, benches and lots of other furniture in this style too. The company is called 'Out of the Woodz' of Chiang Mai, and have English speaking staff., 69 Moo 9 T Nong Keaw, A. Hang Dong, Chiang Mai, 50230, Thailand. Tel +66 53 023853.


Have you ever wanted a genuine carved wood rocking horse? You'd think they're only for rich people, but the rocking horses from Thai Rocking Horse Co Ltd, started from as little as $400. Not cheap, but hardly expensive either given the handcrafted nature of the product. Follow the link, they even have a showroom in Chiang Mai (Northern Thailand) where you can see the finished horses.


I found a company that makes bathroom wares from resin, like this basin filled with seeds above. I've seen these done as toilet seats with sea shells and thought they were very cheesy. But here they made ranges with flakes of copper, gold, and silver, and natural seeds and grasses and they look really rich and very very opulent. The company is DXI Living, follow the link for their website. They can also make products to order, I see on their website they can do the sink with the copper flakes in it too.

BIG+BIH show in on now at Bitec Bangkok, entrance is from BTS Bang-Na, Trade entry is from 17-20th April 2012, and the public can snap up some end of show bargains 21-22 April 2012. It's common in Thailand to have a retail show at the end of a trade show and sell the display goods to the public, so its a good chance to snap up some bargains.

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