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BIG+BIH I'm Not a Paper Cup


My favorite product from the whole BIG+BIH: "I am not a paper cup", a sippy cup, a proper fired glazed cup, with a soft moulded silicone lid that fits on the top. It even says "Caution Contents Hot" like the coffee cups you get from McDonalds.

Fill it full of ice, pour over your guava juice, or beer, clip on the lid, and drink your juice without the ice coming out. I also found that it keeps the drink cooler longer that my other glasses do, the heat from your hand doesn't warm up the cup because it has an insulated gripping band, and the lid keeps the cold in.

Such a simple idea, but one I really liked. The company is Porcelain Inter, and they have a website


The salesman also tells me you can get your company logos printed on them during production, so you can create your own personalized version of this.

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