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BIG+BIH Gift & Housewair Fair, Bitec, Bangkok 2011


The BIG Gift & Houseware Fair 2011 is on at Bitec exhibition center, Bangkok. It finishes tomorrow (Sunday 22nd Oct), so you have to be quick if you want to visit. I sometimes show off handicrafts and OTOP products that catch my eye, the BIG Fair is for more professional companies to show their wares internationally.

I'm going to be showing some of my favorite items from the show, starting with the decorative colourful ornamental works. At the top we have some of the work of Tom Mango Co Ltd. You'll see a lot of metalized lacquer-ware in Thailand, used to create a sense of opulence and luxury in a bedroom or spa. I thought this was by far the most stylish of this type of work, made from Mango wood, see more photos lower down in the article. Tom Mango Co Ltd, website. Email: for details.


The next form of decoration was these decorative painted and glazed eggs. Here decorated with the famous and popular Thai monks. Recognize the frowny face monk? He's now reincarnated as a cat at Wat Tham Mongkhonat. SiamSippakorn Co Ltd, is the maker, Click here for their website., This is an OTOP product.


Above is another item from Tom Mango Co Ltd, lacquerware bowls with a crackle of colour metal foil and glazed. Again the word 'opulent' springs into my mind. I can imagine those on a window ledge, if only houses in Thailand had window ledges! The Bitec show also covered a lot of wall coverings that would go perfectly with these. If you think wall paper and paint are your options for covering a wall, visit BIG+BIH and it will open your eyes.


Another egg design from SiamSippakorn Co Ltd, , egg shaped horses. They had quite a few pure ornamental designs like this one, but also eggs that open to form jewelry boxes, and owls, and even small enameled quail eggs used to make jewelry.


Tom Mango metal finish goblets finish my photos for today. I'll show some more items from the show in the next few days.

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