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Ao Po Marina Boat Show - Boat Booty!


Ao Po Marina has a boat show! Or should I call it a Yacht show! If you're a multi-millionaire who wants to buy a yacht, then by all means visit. As I was just looking, all I got to see was the backs of boats and a lot of "by appointment only" and "VIP only" signs!

They want to sell them, but they don't want to clean them! This really isn't a show for lookies like me, yet if you wanted to spend a few million dollars on a super-yacht, they'd give you a private viewing. So who exactly is supposed to go to these shows? People who like looking at the backs of boats? Some sort of boat-booty-fetishists? Someone who likes to look at the backs of boats, and only the backs?? Bah!

I think they should sail the boats out, tie them on anchor moorings, and run guided trips on little launch boats around them, then at least we can see the whole boat! A guide can explain the price and features of each super-yacht so us lookies can enjoy these too!


There are things to see here though, there is the proper sea scooters, better quality than the one I bought, but with a price to match. 3-400,000 baht for the model above! I guess if you're spending 2 million euros on a yacht, 10 thousand euros for toys is nothing. link:


There are small boats in the 400k-600k baht price range too. My neighbor wants one to explore the islands. Not some super-yacht to live on, and cruise the seas, just a boat to travel on and enjoy sunny days while they're young enough.


I decided the best way to see this show was by drone! The backs of boats are all very interesting, garages, stairs, outboard motors, exciting stuff! But to get the full picture, I also wanted to see the fronts as well!

Ao Po Marina is in the North East corner of Phuket Island, see the Google map below. It is the marina visible from my exploration of Ko Raet a month ago.

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