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Any idiot can drive a scooter

Scooters are so easy these days. They have electric push button start, they have automatic gears, even automatic stop if you put the kick stand down. If you can ride a push bike you can ride a scooter. Any idiot can ride a scooter, and this idiot decided she would learn.

I tried one in Koh Kood, and liked it, so now I'm getting a driving license and a scooter so that I don't have to depend on friends and family to ferry me around.

The driving test takes a full day, and that day starts early. 7am early. The first time I went at 8:30am, the list was full for the day, but this time I'm ready and early. The first part of the Thai driving test is the reactions and eye test. You have to press a brake pedal when a light goes red, too slow and you fail. It was amazing how many men failed this test. I think they're still half asleep. Then there's a depth perception test that involves lining up two sticks, then a peripheral vision test.

Then there's a rather gruelling 4 hours of instructional videos. Showing you how to drive, and scary accidents for what can go wrong, as if I need reminding. Then its the practical test, watch the video to see how I did, don't worry, the bruises are healing!

There's also a theory test, a multi-choice 30 question test. Get 23 or more on this and you pass. A farang came out depressed, he got only 12 out of 30. How is it possible to get such a low score?? I decided I'd spend as much time as possible studying the instructional posters on the wall.

So how did I do? Well watch the video to see.

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