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Alien Statue Jatujak


A great find in Jatujak, very realistic Alien statues made from welded steel, found out towards the edge of Jatujak, near the park. Each one hand made, individual. This Alien one sells for 150,000 Baht, take a closer look at the ribs, they're spanners of different sizes. They remind me of the Elephant made of spoons I saw in the Erawan Museum.


The Transformer (below) one sells for 180,000 Baht. He makes many smaller ones too, the Yoda one I forgot to get the price of, sorry.


Yoda wears sheet steel and chains:


He can be found at Jatujak weekend market, at the green arrow below, I got a card off him too: GSM: 08-1842-3417, email sudjai_44 at hotmail, and his shop is called 'Degree Art'.

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