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$20 Garden Furniture


So much sunshine, I sooo want to enjoy the garden more. But garden furniture is expensive, and the netting often has gaps.... I don't really want to get bitten by mosquitoes.

The solution? A hammock naturally!

I searched online, found a 700 baht hammock, and with the straps given, I quickly attached it to two trees and realized the straps wouldn't be long enough. That was false start #1.

Off top HomePro to buy some strong ropes, and to Daiso for some mini-carabiners, to hook the net onto some guide ropes. These aren't carrying the weight of the hammock, they're just to lift the netting. In total I spent a little over 800 baht.


False start #2, It's my first hammock, so I didn't look when I put it up, the zip was on the wrong side.

False start #3, it's too high, I need to lower it or I can't get it. Third time lucky? No.

False start #4, I didn't notice the ants nest on the tree, the ants quickly came down the guide ropes to defend their nest, and I had to move the load ropes yet again.

After all the false starts, it was well worth the effort. I can nap in the afternoon here, I can unclip it when not in use, and I can swing the baby in it, safe knowing the net stops her falling out of it.

$20 well spent.

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