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$20 Duplex Condo on the Beach

This is everyone's dream, isn't it? An expensive house with beach view, walk down in the evening to swim and eat and relax? It's a nice dream but unless you're a millionaire it's not really affordable. Mansions on the hill above the beach go for millions of dollars around here in Phuket.

But that will not deter me! I will have my duplex living, complete with sea, sand and food delivered to me right on the beach! Better still, I will have it for $20 or less!


I've been online shopping again, this time I've found a beach tent. My baby can enjoy the beach, she can enjoy the sounds and smells and views, but the sun? No so much. The tent will shield her.

I'll need to stake out some shade for her, and I decided to make a little private play area for her to enjoy. This is my second beach shade, the first has too many flaps and lets too much sand in. I'll use it for the lobby!


I have a few more tricks up my sleeve here. Firstly I pick a spot on the beach near Macarona restaurant on Naithon beach. The girls know me here, I can get pizza delivered to my duplex condo on the beach, as long as they can spot it! Second tip : Pick a good spot near the water taps. There is water at this end of the beach, when you pack up and go home, you can rinse off the sand so you don't take the beach with you.

Macarona do Thai food too, it's become something of a tradition to order a pizza on this beach, so much so, I always do it even when I'm not hungry.

Baby Pang has the day at the beach, and when the sun drops a little, I take her out along the beach. She won't remember days like this, but I will.

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