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Microbugs ate my Ikea Chair


Last week I noticed that my Ikea office chair was degrading. The cushion covers inside were brittle and flaking away. Ikea were no help, and since a lot of my furniture if from Ikea and is made with this method, I decided to investigate myself before I have to throw out a lot of furniture!


Well my microscope has arrived, and so I immediately pointed it at my face, then after a few moments of disgust, I pointed it at the sample!

Honestly I don't know what to look for. The fibres look normal, they're all a regular length with square ends. Time to increase the magnification!


Still nothing. I'd expected to see moulds or creepy crawly bugs, but nothing. A little bit of work and I can see there are white specs on the fibres. I'm not sure if they're a light effect, bugs, or natural variations in the fibre!

But I do have a plan!


I'm going to put the cushions made like this into the sun, give them a good blast of sunshine. The sun will probably cleanse whatever it is that's damaging the cushions.

In the meantime, I have a new toy to use on my food and a whole new set of things to be scared of.


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