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Wat Kowrang Dedication *happening now*


Wat Kowrang, a temple on Kow-rang hill in Phuket town, Phuket, has a temple dedication ceremony on at the moment. These are enormously important, it's considered extremely good luck to participate in these ceremonies, better still, if you can do 9 of these in your life time.


The serpent tail ceremony (the swan shaped statue that is raised up to the top of the temple) is 29th December 2013, which as I write this is tomorrow night. It should be around 7pm, but better to arrive early than to miss it. This is your chance to participate, and do something good for yourself.


The stone ball ceremony is 3rd January 2014, again about 7pm. Knives costs 3999 baht and need to be reserved as they usually are taken. At the designated time, you cut the sticks, drop the gilded balls into their holes around the temple, and take a piece of the stick for good luck.


Even if you can't attend the 27th Dec, or 3rd January ceremony, on any day you can gild the balls. Make a donation, take the packet of items, the gold leaf should be used to gild the stone balls, the incense and candle to pray, the sticks with gold/silver leaves, place some notes in the gap and donate, the cotton and message, who knows! I was told to write my name, stick it with the thread and drop it next to the Buddha upstairs, but lots of people simply dropped the packet there. Threading needles in semi-darkness is never easy!

The temple is on the Phuket side of Kow Rang hill, the hill opposite Central Festival shopping mall, it is not difficult to find and taxi drivers will know it.

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