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Superstar Monks : Pra Mahasompong

In Thailand we have famous monks the same way you have famous preachers. This monk is called Pra Mahasompong. He's known for getting his messages over with a few jokes and a smile. You can hear the audience laughing, so let me try to explain a few of the jokes.

At 5:18 he talks about the up coming election, this July: "When people ask me about the election, I say 'I am neutral so don't ask'," wagging one finger in the air. The reason a few people are laughing is because in the draw of parties, Phak Puea Thai drew number 1 so he's making a joke by saying one thing and gesturing a different thing. (As he goes on he makes the gesturing more and more obvious and the talk, a less and less plausible disguise for the hand gestures and that is the joke.)
Then he says 'so please don't ask' waving his open palms with 10 fingers. The Democrat Party drew number 10, so a lot of the people get the joke by then. By the end he's asking how he shows 16 using only his fingers.

This one refers to mothers day. With so many Thai's working away from home, mothers day is often a sad day for home-sickness. So he lightens the mood with some timing humour.

At 0:10 he asks, "hands up who loves their mother", and a lot of hands go up. Then he pauses, looks around and says "and..." (hands are going down) " ...who do not love their mother hands down". Of course everyone expects a second question, and are already putting their hands down. So then he mocks them jokingly, "be sure if you love your mother or not!".

At 1:00 he tell them to turn to each other and tojah & smile. "One smile and your face turns pink, two smile and your face turns red, smile all day and you are baa".

Tojah, or wai, is the clasping of hands together in a pray fashion while nodding, as a show of respect. Baa means crazy.

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