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Superstar Monk, P.M.Sompong Talaphutto


I've mentioned Pra Maha Sompong before, one of the superstar monks that teaches life lessons through humour. Well one of the major Thai building companies, Supalai, invited him to do a talk at their new office block. It gives the company good luck to invite monks to talk, and helps promote their projects to potential customers.

I live in a Supalai building, saw the poster inviting people to go, and naturally I jumped at the chance to attend.

Close your eyes and imagine a Buddhist monk's teachings. Did your imagination include PowerPoint slides? Angry Birds? Football? Politics? Video clips? Ladyboys? Thai Soap Operas?


We may not have had a Buddha there to pray to in the Supalai building, but we had a Powerpoint slide of a Buddha to pray to. Times move on, some traditions are worth keeping, others... well, we can modernize them a little.

P.M. Sompong has a website Dhamma Delivery, twitter feed, and a Facebook fan page, too.

If you speak Thai and get a chance to go see him, please do, you'll enjoy it. He's also very approachable, I got him to take my photograph. Normally everyone queues up to have a photo taken with him, but I thought it would be fun to queue up and get my photo taken by him. He's still part of the photo, the photographer is part of the photo, he's just not visible in it. In a way he's part of the exformation.

The view from the Supalai Grand tower over the river. I'm part of this photo, I'm just not in it.

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