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Liew Khiewchanta, Dead at 21


My younger brother, Liew Khiewchanta, had an accident on his motorcycle yesterday. A truck hit him, dragged him along the road before stopping, his skull was crushed. It's not his first motorcycle accident, I told him then to use the bus, its safer. He didn't listen. He never listens.

You can see him above at the funeral of my father, head shaved like a monk ceremony.

Doctors said he had a 50-50 chance if they operated on his brain. Some frantic money transfers later he was being operated on. Thailand has no universal healthcare, if you don't have money they won't operate.

My mother rang me from the hospital yesterday to tell me the operation was a success and this morning he can move, but not yet talk.

So now I'm going to kill him for not listening to his sister! Tragic really, he'll leave behind a wife and kids, but I did warn him! The doctors finished the operation at 2am, after failing to find a brain in his skull. They looked and looked, but his head was completely empty. Even a scan, and a microscope couldn't find it. That is probably what saved him.

Get well soon brother. Your sister loves you.

[Updated 2nd Feb: He's back in ITU tonight]
[Updated 5th Feb: Another operation. Pray]
[Evening of 6th Feb 2012: The Doctor has called us and told us to go to the hospital]

18th Feb: He is stable, and sometimes conscious. So far he can move his left limbs, but he cannot yet control his right arm and leg. His brain is damaged on the left side and the left side of the brain controls the right side of the body.
He has some sense of person, when I asked him to blink if he knew me, he blinks. When I asked him his name, he moved his lips, but with the pipe in his neck, he can't actually speak.
He will be X-rayed in the coming days to see if there is water build up in the brain and if there is, they'll put in a shunt, a tube that will drain excess fluid off into another part of the body. His wife will continue sessions of arm and leg movement to help his brain re-learn how to control them. We're hopeful. He won't be what he was, but perhaps he can still recover enough for me to kill him.

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