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Hot today, time for the seaside


Breaking news: Thailand is always hot! I know that isn't really news to you, but I think it's worth mentioning since this is the humid hot season, it's especially hot and the reason we have the Songkran water festival at this time of year.

It's also the reason there is no hot tap in Thai homes. Take a look at my sink, there is no hot tap and the cold tap water is currently coming out at 40 degrees celsius, warmed by the sun baked concrete it passes through. Bathe in this water and it would warm you up, not cool you down. It's above body temperature, not below it.

Next to the tap, is prickly heat powder, which cools you down with a menthol coolness. If you get prickly heat, the red bumps caused by this hot humid weather, this powder is a good way to treat them.

Since I have a day off, and since the kitchen I work in is incredibly hot, I'm off to the seaside to visit Wat Hong Thong, a temple on a pier famous its bells, and cool sea breezes. See the visit on my travel blog:

Wat Hong Thong part 1, Wat Hong Thong part 2.

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