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Google Thailand, กูเกิลไทยแลนด์


Google has opened an office in Thailand, and appointed a Thai business leader, Ariya Banomyong, to create their business presence here. (Google provide the advertising for this site)

Sadly at the moment, it's just a sales office, intended to market Google adverts to Thai companies. I hope it will grow to be a software development center, there's a lot of talent in Thailand, but very few technology companies here. The companies that are here use it as a cheap manufacturing base, and sales office rather than a design center.

Thai's have our own language, our own written script, our own customs, and unique geographic rules, and Google has quite a few problems with all of these so perhaps this will improve Google Thailand services over time.

Their office is at level 29, of the Office at Central World, between Chitlom and Siam Skytrain stations.

Welcome to Thailand.

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