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Permits Revoked, Paradise Lost


In my post Nai Yang Beach, Tsunami and Textures, I pointed to this abandoned hotel. This area of Phuket is a nature reserve and lots of building work was done without the proper permits, sometimes issued by corrupt officials, sometimes the builder getting a land permit without a right to build, and building anyway. I suspected it was abandoned because of this permit problem.


Well the news today reports that this hotel, was indeed constructed without permissions and will have to be removed. Although who will remove it? I see many failed construction projects that are just left to decay. They never find a buyer, they never complete, they just stand there slowly decaying.

On the boat trip to Ko Yao Noi, an peaceful island next to Phuket, I saw several of the smaller islands had abandoned concrete and steel frames. Abandoned villa construction projects. I wonder how many of those projects will also turn out to be bad.

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