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Our NSA overlords was on summer hiatus. Back in June leaks started coming out about mass surveillance of everyone on the planet by the NSA. The leaks kept getting worse and worse and I decided to stop posting and move everything I could to Thailand.

I don't feel free to speak out, I don't want to end up on some no-fly list, visa block list, or one of the other secret lists. So instead I'll let some videos do the talking.

Democracy is so fragile. there's good reason the constitution protects citizens from power crazed Generals that can't tell the difference between hay and needles.

There's also good reason why you don't let the military, create a file on every politician, reporter, voter, or activist.

The budget for the terror suppression program is only $20 million, 99.8% of NSA's budget is for political, military/industrial surveillance. Do you think they want a file on you, just in case you become a terrorist?

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