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Bangkok is Sinking


In the north of Thailand, there are floods, houses are submerged, in some places they are 20 foot deep in water. In Bangkok we're quite lucky, the flood controls largely work. It use to regularly flood, now it floods only as far as the pavements and quickly drains away. There's a good reason the curbs are so high in Bangkok!

Above is a photo from the 1970's I found in a photo printers shop, and below is the same junction today. Now with the skytrain overhead.

Bangkok faces a far slower, far more serious problem than floods:


Bangkok is sinking. The ground is slowly subsiding, the banks of the river are being washed away, climate change means seas will rise and illegal pumping of ground water means the soil is shrinking underneath the city. When floods come they wash over the city and find it difficult to get to sea because of all the concrete and buildings in the way. They also don't replenish the ground water because of the surface layers.

So perhaps in the not too distant future, those two photos will be swapped, and a future Khiewchanta will be showing *my* photo from the good old days when the road was dry.


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