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And the winner is.....Thailand


We have a new Prime Minister, Yingluck Shinawatra for the party Pheu Thai. The party that drew the #1 slot I mentioned in the 'Superstar Monks' post. This is the latest version of a party that gets banned again and again, and reforms under a new name with a new structure each time.

Each time they win, they get banned, or blocked from taking power. Each time they reform, and return stronger than ever.

I do not feel free enough to speak my mind here, but simply to say congratulations to Yingluck and I think Thailand is winner.

A side order of democracy

The Thai Election Commissions is still debating the recent election. Allegations of irregularities have been made against the newly elected PM, this is the TV news take on that:

The claim is that by handing out noodles at a campaign event, she broke the vote buying laws. On the left they show various yellow shirts similarly preparing food and cutting hair. TV news avoid taking sides, simply to ask questions.

I have a few questions too:

Q1. She won by a huge majority, yet only a few plates of noodles. How delicious do noodles have to be to do that?
Q2. Can I have the recipe for those noodles please?
Q3. Was Maggie sauce involved?
Q4. Did anyone investigate the possibility of outside German sauce based interference in the Thai elections?

When Localization Goes Wrong


I have one of these Samsung Microwaves, it's the global model with the meaningful pictures all nicely arranged (see above). But I noticed that Samsung do two other variations in Thailand. Localization disasters Mk1 & Mk2.

One has Thai words describing the function of each button, that's no so bad, at least the text is nicely arranged, but the Thai does explain the obvious. You wonder if Samsung thinks we're a little bit simple.

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Bangkok is Sinking


In the north of Thailand, there are floods, houses are submerged, in some places they are 20 foot deep in water. In Bangkok we're quite lucky, the flood controls largely work. It use to regularly flood, now it floods only as far as the pavements and quickly drains away. There's a good reason the curbs are so high in Bangkok!

Above is a photo from the 1970's I found in a photo printers shop, and below is the same junction today. Now with the skytrain overhead.

Bangkok faces a far slower, far more serious problem than floods:

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Permits Revoked, Paradise Lost


In my post Nai Yang Beach, Tsunami and Textures, I pointed to this abandoned hotel. This area of Phuket is a nature reserve and lots of building work was done without the proper permits, sometimes issued by corrupt officials, sometimes the builder getting a land permit without a right to build, and building anyway. I suspected it was abandoned because of this permit problem.

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Sequel: Villains, Heros and Victims


The latest hollywood blockbuster has just been released. A remake of Watergate, this time the plot is even more ludicrous, even more over the top. It's a gastly remake of an already bad movie.

The plot: Evil politicians hatch a plan to spy on everyone in the world, to protect their interests and become ultimate ruler! A single lone hero is the only man in the world with balls enough to face them in their plan for world domination.

Firstly lets take a look at the villain, at the top. What a ridiculous two dimensional caricature of a villain! She looks like she's been sucking lemons! Evil lemons! Evil lemons dipped in vinegar! Evil vinegar!

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Our NSA overlords was on summer hiatus. Back in June leaks started coming out about mass surveillance of everyone on the planet by the NSA. The leaks kept getting worse and worse and I decided to stop posting and move everything I could to Thailand.

I don't feel free to speak out, I don't want to end up on some no-fly list, visa block list, or one of the other secret lists. So instead I'll let some videos do the talking.

Democracy is so fragile. there's good reason the constitution protects citizens from power crazed Generals that can't tell the difference between hay and needles.

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Wear White for Democracy


I'm wearing white, and off to shop for more white clothes! White is the color of democracy here in Thailand, if you support Democracy, whatever your political views, now is the time to wear white and show it.

Without democracy you have no voice, and without a voice you are not free.

Elections 2nd February 2014.

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