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Otop 2013! New! Dryer!


Six months sine the last Phuket OTOP and you can see they learn quickly. The last one was open air and it was wet! I got soaked.

This time, its inside a big marquee, and that means stands can focus on more delicate and expensive products.

A few caught my eye, like the 'see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil' monkeys above. She's actually making them there on the stand, so you have the chance to influence your own design. Or maybe just buy a keyring for less than a $1.


Phuket, or rather the Andaman sea, is famous for its pearls. If you don't own a set of pearls yet, the jewelers have every color natural pearl just waiting for your visit.


A classic Thai sausage, soured, spicy, pork. There was practically a sausage fest near the food area with many stalls selling different versions.


Freshwater prawns caught my eye, and I took a plate of prawns, each the size of my hand to eat back at home.

Otop 2013, can be found at Saphan Hin, and runs from yesterday 24th to 30th November, all day and into the night.

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