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OTOP - One Tambon, One Product


OTOP, One-Tambon-One-Product, is a government promotion scheme to promote regional hand crafted Thai products to Thailand and the world. A Tambon in Thailand is a town and it's surrounding region, OTOP shows off the products from each town and teaches town people how to commercialize their products and ideas. There are hundreds of thousands of products under OTOP, that is not an exaggeration, I'm going to cover just a few in this blog, but there are many more to see at the OTOP website.

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Handicraft Kit - OTOP

When I saw this kit to make artificial flowers from cassava cores, a normally discarded part of the cassava plant. I just had to have a go. Watch the video to see my attempts. I saw this at an OTOP promotion event, OTOP, the agency that promoted regional crafts and products.

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Neck Warmer


When I visited Bangnarmpheung Floating Market in Bangkok, a popular floating market among Thais, I found this item. It's a microwaveable neck warmer filled with wheat seeds. Pop it in the microwave for a minute or two and the heat is released slowly. I've seen this in the west used to warm people in winter, here in Thailand, they've packed them tightly into neck braces, and used with stretching exercises as part of a massage. You can see it in the video below.

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OTOP Phuket City

I've covered OTOP before, it's the one-tambon-one-product project promoting regional & traditional products from around Thailand. One product from each region.

Phuket has a trade show running, OTOP Phuket City, stall upon stall of regional specialties. Most of them seem to be edible, and naturally since I have a cooking blog I need to do research. Lots of tasty tasty research!

I even found another flavor of cashew nuts, crab curry flavour, courtesy of Methee cashew nuts factory (tel +6676219622) and I'm going to have a go at recreating them myself. Well, if I don't munch my way through all of them first.

OTOP Phuket City runs until March 2nd 2013 at Saphan Hin, Phuket City, Phuket. There's live music, handicrafts, food and a fun fair for the kids.

Otop 2013! New! Dryer!


Six months sine the last Phuket OTOP and you can see they learn quickly. The last one was open air and it was wet! I got soaked.

This time, its inside a big marquee, and that means stands can focus on more delicate and expensive products.

A few caught my eye, like the 'see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil' monkeys above. She's actually making them there on the stand, so you have the chance to influence your own design. Or maybe just buy a keyring for less than a $1.

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