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Jatujak weekend market is a great place to look for hand bags, big bags, small bags, old style bags so colourful they hurt your eyes, lots of fakes, and 'Louis-Ting-Tong' not quite copies.

Can they make woven reed handbags stylish? Yes it seems they can. Too 'old' for me, but beautiful workmanship.


This is more a 'me' hand-bag, understated, clean design, a bit younger, not quite right though:


This more my great grandmothers bag, a bag from the days before movies & TV where entertainment was trying to pack as many primary colours into the smallest of spaces:


How heavy can anyone make a hand bag! This woolen bag was so heavy and so scratchy and so far away from anything I would ever want!


I bet a man decided that what a handbag needs is more skulls on it!


Now here we're getting closer, I think I'll find something I like among these, but there's just too much choice, so many styles. When I'm in a mall there are far fewer choices, but here in Jatujak you are overwhelmed. I think that just around the corner there may be the perfect bag for me, if only I look harder, so I end up never making a choice.


I didn't buy a handbag, down every lane I went there were new handbags. Just far too many choices to decide in one visit.

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