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Button Shoes at Jatujak


Jatujak is just a market full of surprises that's keeps giving and giving. This is 'House of Siree', a shoe store that makes and sells button covered shoes. Some are elegant like the blue sequin platform heels above, others are more cutsy for girls like the colourful button shoes below.

The shoes cost between 1000 Baht and 2800 Baht for the more complex ($33-$95).

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Clever Boy Plays Xylophone

Take a look at the video, the boy plays his tune perfectly. I guess he's been playing the Xylophone all his life since he seems to keep playing even as he looks around.

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Jatujak Market Coffee Machines


There's so much to see in Jatujak, as thousands of stalls try to compete with each other to find something interesting and unusual. This is PadMa, a coffee machine shop in the ground floor of Jatujak Plaza. Just look at the shiny metal and glass of these coffee machines.

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Jatujak Market, Wooden Elephant


Another Jatujak market find, a large wooden elephant in the outer market. It's about 1 meter tall and would make a nice garden ornament for someone with a large house. You can find this at B on the map below, not far from where the wooden horse in the same style was found.

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Another Jatujak Novelty


Another Jatujak market find, this time from Jatajuk plaza ground floor. These colourful Japanese geisha dolls and bottles are actually cute little umbrellas.

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Jatujak weekend market is a great place to look for hand bags, big bags, small bags, old style bags so colourful they hurt your eyes, lots of fakes, and 'Louis-Ting-Tong' not quite copies.

Can they make woven reed handbags stylish? Yes it seems they can. Too 'old' for me, but beautiful workmanship.


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Chopstick Shopstick


Chopsticks everywhere! This shop specializes in chopsticks, all kinds of fancy styles and colours. They'll even make a design to order. 5 baht per pair of chopsticks and 5 baht for the stand to rest the chopsticks on.

Catch them in Jatujak market at the map location below.

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Alien Statue Jatujak


A great find in Jatujak, very realistic Alien statues made from welded steel, found out towards the edge of Jatujak, near the park. Each one hand made, individual. This Alien one sells for 150,000 Baht, take a closer look at the ribs, they're spanners of different sizes. They remind me of the Elephant made of spoons I saw in the Erawan Museum.

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Seafood Filled Omellette Balls

This little stand is the first I've seen of these. They're omelette style eggs and rice with a filling of sausage, or salmon, or seafood. Cooked fresh, and served with sweet radish, and sauce. They're like giant savoury Kanon Krok's, very yummy.

There's a smaller version of these balls made with octopus inside, a famous Japanese dish, tako-yaki you'll see in a lot of places in Bangkok.

I thought she joined the two halves together, but now I realize she just turned the half ball over, using all the extra mixture to form both halves and make a round ball.

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Jatujak Little Find


Look closely, are these little dresses for babies? Perhaps some sort of dress-a-poodle outfitter?
And why do they have only one strap??

It's a face-cloth, styled to look like a miniature dress I found at Jatujak. It's worth keeping you eyes open when you wander around the market. Tiny little things can turn out to be true delights!

A map to where I found them:

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Lacquerware Salad Bowls Jatujak


Another find in Jatujak weekend market, lacquerware salad bowls. Lacquerware is traditional Northern Thailand, but usually it's dark and old, and complicated and, well, depressing! Here they've made some simple clean bright shapes with it.

They're made from lacquered strips of bamboo coiled around on a former to make the shape, then carved out to get the shape just perfect. Very beautiful, and very trendy, and sadly also not from Thailand. The stall holder tells me these ones are from Vietnam. The ones he gets from Changmai are still very dark, with complex patterns.

Still, very beautiful, even if they're not Thai. Find the store at the green arrow below, near the chop stick shop.

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Cardboard Model Books


In Jatujak market, I've seen several of these stalls selling books to make models. You pop out the cardboard parts and assemble them into model windmills, towns, boats.

I decided to try one myself, so I bought a model of Tower Bridge London, the famous London bridge that raises to let tall ships pass under it. See the photo below of my finished bridge below.

The book cost 30 baht, it took me about 40 minutes to assemble and it looks good. I was a little disappointed that some of the card had damage on it, the printing was torn off in places. So check the one you buy carefully to see the printing is OK.

But I'm really pleased with the result, ignore the two extra pieces, they are, erm, spares :-)

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Jatujak Fans for Jatujak Fans


A quickie. I found this stall selling old fashioned metal fans of all sizes in Jatujak and wanted to share it with you.

You'll find them at Section 26 Address 108 Soi 1/4 of Jatujak market. Jatujak is the famous weekend market that all tourists should visit, next to Mochit sky train station, the most northern station on the skytrain.

Kamphaengpecth MRT (Underground) Station is next to Jatujak if you prefer the underground.

Sea Shell Table Lamp


A great Jatujak find, well not exactly. I stayed at the Dolphin Bay Resort in Sam Roi Yot and on the dining tables they had these amazing little LED lamps made from old jars filled with white shells.


I chatted to the waitor about them, apparently they were bought from Jatujak, and the panel on the top is a solar cell. You leave them out in the sun during the day, and when you want a little romantic table lighting, flip over the wire, a small magnet then switches on the lamp.

(Video follows)

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