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I broke my house roots


My house has roots, a network of pipes carrying water, electricity and waste buried just under the surface of my garden. These roots plant it into the ground. I've added some more roots since then with my automatic lights and all the pipes and cabling that needed to be sunk into the ground for that.

Well with a garden more pipe than grass, it was inevitable that I'd break a pipe. I struck the main water pipe into the house when digging a place for my flowers. Oh dear.


With a large reserve tank, I won't run out of fresh water for a week or two, but rather than wait for the plumbers, the estate repair man thinks he can simply patch it with a connector.

These house roots are essential, the house cannot live with a broken root! If I broke any of the yellow electric pipes, then the electrics would short-out. Break a water pipe and no water, break a waste pipe and the smell would be horrendous. A house is really is like a tree with all these roots in the ground.

So the plan: take a pipe connector, cut it in half, actually just past 180 degrees, more like 200 degrees so that it can push and clip to the leaking pipe, and use that to patch the leak.


A little sanding and cutting, and gluing and the finished patch is in place. The cable ties are just to make sure it is securely in place till the glue does its work, but the patch did clip nicely onto the pipe.

I'll try to be more careful in future but with so many roots I fear I make cut another regardless of how careful I am. Lucky the repairman is so familiar with this problem!

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