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Win's new Noodle Shop, Chumpon


Chef Win has a baby on the way! Congratulations Win, but it also means he another mouth to feed, and so he's moved to Chumpon and set up his noodle bar.

It's nothing special, just the everyday stuff of Thai food, noodles, cheap noodles at that, served fast and fresh to locals for their lunch. He can certainly do better than that location, it's down a side street competing with lots of other noodle places, and not much parking, but he makes enough to pay the bills.


The locals are mostly rubber farmers, and don't have money now. The price for their rubber has dropped to less than half, and they no longer get the higher subsidized price, which in turn means all the supply chain to those farmers shrinks.


While I'm there, he has a popular brand of Southern Tea. I like the idea of trying regional food, and try some. They like things sweet down here, sweeter than my tastes. I try a Thai coffee too, also sweet, this is how they like, but not my thing. I opt for a Thai coffee, a classic Thai style coffee.


While I'm visiting, I get the low-down on the area, apparently there's a nice beach to the north of the town, and I should catch the sunset there. It's getting late, I'd better dash if I want to catch the sunset.

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