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Warm Comfy Bar, Bangna Bangkok


More of my exploration of Bangna, I covered Sushi Hana already, well this restaurant is the best pizza I could find on Udom Suk road.

It's name is in Thai, but loosely translates to 'Warm Comfy' bar, it has live music, an open air feel and a genuine pizza oven.


However the service is sometimes terrible! I have ordered 2 pizza at 9pm, received one at 10pm and cancelled the remaining order at midnight, its so staggeringly bad! The waitress seemed to be watching football more on TV than serving. Drink orders had to be repeated again and again before they were delivered!


It was so bad, I went back and timed it, thinking it would make an interesting article, but the next time I went, they were very much better. I ordered at 8:31pm, the pizza arrived at 21:02, as you can see from my phone. I've been back two more times and they've worked normally. Perhaps it was a bad day.

This aside, it is by far the best pizza on Udom Suk road, pleasant music, a nice atmosphere, a good evening. Not the stuff of interesting Appon Life articles, but nevertheless worth it for the pizza.


You can see the date on my phone shows April 30th, from my visit to Bangkok. I was going to upload all these articles when I returned home, but sadly we lost democracy and I was not in the mood.

Warm Comfy pizza restaurant and bar can be found on Udom Suk road in Bangkok.

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