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Vareeya Revisted


I've been to Vareeya before, its a restaurant/resort in the North east of Phuket, quality fine dining Thai cuisine. For a while it was my go to restaurant for cakes, but over the year its sort of morphed.

The Chef there is now trying out fusion food more than traditional Thai, its different, but as ever he executes it with engineering precision.

Shame his photographs are all engineering and no art! This dish on the menu is photographed top down, the pork all spread out. It doesn't sell the dish, yet when it arrives it is thick juicy pork with good hard crackling. The photograph on the menu really doesn't do it justice.


To go with the pork, naturally rice, and a plate of crunchy stir fried vegetables. You'll have to use your imagination, I was more interested in eating than photographing.


And since his photograph made the pork look tiny, I ordered some spring rolls with orange dipping sauce to start with. Can you see them? Close your eyes, imagine home made spring rolls, fresh inside with a slightly sharp orange sauce to give a bit of bite. Now while your eyes were closed, I already ate them, so you're left with the empty plate.

You can find a map to Varreya here.

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