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Traditional Thai Condiments (Noodles)


Every country has their popular foods, and the corresponding condiments to go with it. In Thailand noodles are the food that comes with condiments, and we have our own common set of condiments to go with it.

In the photo above, are the standard set usually offered with noodles and other dishes. They are: dried chillie flakes at the left, fried garlic at the front, sugar at the back, and vinegar with slices of chillie in it at the right.


I don't use much sugar with fried noodles, but I do like a lot of peanuts, so I often swap the sugar for crushed peanuts when serving noodles. I also like extra fish sauce, in the condiment set shown in the photo, the gap in the middle is just exactly the right size for a mini bottle of fish sauce.

The condiment set you see above was bought in Jatujak market for 140 Baht (4 Euros, about $6). Naturally it has lids to cover the pots with, since the condiments are usually left out on the table.

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