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Sushi Hana, Central Bangna, Bangkok


There's a major elevated highway known as Bang-na Trad, and I'm visiting Udomsuk, another long street that runs parallel. Between the two streets are little linking roads and I've been exploring these side roads and finding some fantastic surprises.

Sushi Hana is a Japanese sushi restaurant. It looked expensive, inside I could see some Japanese people eating, which is a sign of authenticity and authenticity costs money! Once inside I was pleasantly surprised, the prices for most dishes were reasonable. I ordered a Sushi salad and a plate of sushi and the total was only 600 baht. The salad alone was huge with lots of salmon in it and a delicious light dressing.


The fish was very very fresh, the chefs trained in Japan, and the wasabi was nose bleedingly authentic! I'll come here again. There are some expensive imports, huge clams from Japan that cost hundreds of baht each clam, and other specials, but the staple of sushi and sashimi was cheap and delicious.


Things change rapidly in Bangkok, and when I first visited this restaurant it had almost no customers and excellent service, its now very difficult to get a seat here. The chefs didn't have time to chat to me on the second visit, the place was so busy, and the waitress was dizzy and confused she had so many orders! When I was waiting for the bill, she tried to serve me the starter I'd already eaten! This place has been voted a success by the people, the only valid success.

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