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Supercheap Phuket Homage


No! Supercheap is no more! It burned to the ground yesterday night. I was there only a few days ago buying a bulk pack of candy cones for 46 baht to relive a fond childhood memory. That and a garden spade and a huge tin of crackers and a thousand other random things I found while wandering the isles! That was the joy of Supercheap!

I was in Phuket last night too, I saw the fire engines rush by, saw the plume of smoke and spent an hour in the ensuing traffic jam. Once I got home I learned of the terrible news. Supercheap, Phuket's giant market, was burning.

They weren't sure what had happened. Perhaps the fireworks had ignited the kindling, setting fire to furniture. That's not a joke by the way, they sold fireworks, wood sticks and furniture. They sold everything!

Think of all that cooking oil, biscuits, all those carbs and calories. Calories are just a measure of the heat from burning food. So it's inevitable a food store can burn, if only we ate low calorie food perhaps it could have been saved.


Today I hopped on my bike, and went to pay homage to Supercheap. I would open my last candy, squirt the sweet filing into the cone and eat it as homage to Supercheap, an old friend. When I got there I thought better of it. The smoke was still rising and this was no time to be flippant. People are missing.

Farewell Supercheap, I'm sure they'll rebuild it, but it till never be same.

I'll put Supercheap in my prayers tonight. The shop was in lockdown, it closes the gates at 9pm and only one door is opened for the last customers to exit. The fire was at 9:16pm according to the Thai PBS, people would still be inside. Lots of staff too, Supercheap employs 3500 people. We're still waiting to find out the death toll. It would take a miracle if it was zero. If you're missing a relative you have my sympathy.


The trucks on route to Supercheap made detours, parked at the smaller satellite stores and setup ad-hoc stalls outside to sell off their fresh produce. It's easy to forget the army of trucks that supply a market like Supercheap, all those trucks in transit with nowhere now to go to.

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