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Phuket Food Festival (On NOW)


At Saphan Hin, they have the Phuket Food Festival. It's on till the 28th May 2015, occurs anually, and if you read my Labour Day Party article, the format is very similar:

Food, beer, music, at Saphan Hin in Phuket Town.


I chose a bad day, thunder and lightning kept striking Phuket making for a very spectacular natural light show, and a lot of miserable rain!

Phuket's Sunday Night street market closed early, and this market was the last chance to buy some treat food.


I chatted to the woman behind the omelet stall, yesterday was really busy, but today, they opened at 4pm and then rain came quickly but people didn't. The army band are playing tonight too, so they are not considered a big draw!


No matter, rain won't last forever, and there are plenty of days left for this festival. Perhaps I'll come back in a day or two.

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