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Perfect Italian Food in Udom Suk


I've found an excellent Italian Restaurant in the middle of Udom Suk Road. It's called Amonte.

Have you ever been to Italy? Have you ever eaten Italian pasta in Italy? You really don't want to, they under-cook the pasta so its hard inside, and its very unpleasant to eat. That works when pasta was made fresh, but for some reason they still do it with dried pasta!

But the style of cooking, noodle dishes with sauces, and herbs, that everyone knows as Italian, is extremely popular worldwide. Only without the undercooked pasta! So around the world there are excellent Italian restaurants, but not so much in Thailand.


Here in Thailand, the tomato sauces are more like ketchup, the paste is overdone, and Italian dishes are often sweet and unpleasant, more like children's food and its next to impossible to find great Italian restaurants. So its a great find when you discover one.


It's been open for only 2 weeks, and word hasn't gotten around yet. So you can simply turn up and eat without a reservation. This is like Sushi Hanna in the early days, before it became so popular that you had to queue.


I've eaten there twice, but only had a camera with me the second time! As they say, the best camera is the one you have with you, and I didn't even have my phone with me!

This time round, I had the pan fried fois gras with raspberry sauce, the river shrimp with spicy seafood sauce, and a proper hand made Tiramisu dripping in liquor, for dessert.

The price? Including a glass of wine about 1300 baht with the fois gras really pushing up the price, a plate of pasta bolognaise is only around 200 baht. This is not expensive. Parking is on street, with staff there to help you park.

The nearest Skytrain station is Udom Suk.

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