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Paklok Food Festival


Paklok in the North East of Phuket island, has a food festival on right now! 12-13th June 2015.

I managed to catch it last night, before my holiday in Isaan, and there's plenty to see here and plenty to taste. Not just Thai food, noodles, barbecued fish, but also chicken pita, and a bit of other farang food.


Paklok school has put on a show for us, I chat to the school principle and she explains that the district has 40 million baht this year, so it has the money to fix the roads and buy equipment. Paklok is getting a new sport center too.


There aren't many public beaches on this side of the island, the few there are surrounded by private land, or inaccessible. This is one of the few beaches there are here, its 'selfie' country!

I see is here too, I've seen these in Udon Thani, you compose a message in chocolate, but sadly only in western script, Thai script isn't supported. It's too complex, and with vowels and tone marks all the combination of letters would create far too many chocolates.

(Link to Phuket Map)

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