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Old Style Thai Candy


This is Thai candy from my youth, and some of it from quite a bit further back. I visited Khlong Latmayom floating market (a different floating market Thais go to), and went on a boat trip to see some traditional houses. They had old candy for sale and I couldn't resist buying a pile to relive my childhood and see how it's changed.


1. Chocolate candy, it has the flavour of chocolate, but it's not chocolate, it's bubble gum.
2. Haw Flakes, a Chinese candy, you can still buy these in Asian grocers everywhere, they're still very popular, but don't have much flavour.
3. When I was a child these were candy cigarettes, we use to pretend to smoke them. Now they've morphed into plain chewy candy sticks, without any cigarette decorations on them.
4. The best of this bunch of this bunch of candy, these are dried plums with a very intense flavour.
5. Sweet sweet fruit drops, these have hardly changed.
6. Chewing gum, when I was a child these came with scratch off panels, you scratched off panels to reveal a cartoon so you could guess what the punchline would be. Now they come with a strip of paper with a robot printed on them.
7. Citrus chewing gum balls.


1. More chocolate flavour chewing gum balls.
2. One the packet it shows chocolate bars, on the inside it is chewy and nothing like chocolate. I remember them giving far more, but it was never like Belgium chocolates you buy now in the shopping malls. But then they are only 5 baht.
3. Little pastels of chocolate flavour chewing gum.
4. Preserved plum and prune, again this tasted the best of the lot.

The candy cigarettes are the closest to how I remember them, and the dried plums were a very nice taste.

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