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Noni Juice & Galingale Health Drink -OTOP Nongkhai


Another product I saw at the OTOP promotion show, the show where local producers make new products and promoted them to Thailand and worldwide. This one from Nongkhai province in Isaan.

This is Seven Naga Brand Health Drink, made from Noni Fruit, with Black Galingale. Both with traditional medicinal uses. A drink made from Noni Fruit is commonly used to aid womens menstral cycles by increasing blood flow. Black Galingale is supposed to aid the libido, I'm not sure how, perhaps by aiding blood flow too! You drink two tablespoons a day, so a bottle lasts a long time.

Noni Fruit, Photo atrribution: Wilfredo Rodríguez, Create Commons Share Alike License

Every morning I drink a large fruit smoothie, made with pomelo, frozen peaches, frozen blueberries and frozen strawberries, seedless guava, tangerine and pomegranate juice. It's my morning anti-oxidant health drink and three of my 'five-fruits-a-day' requirement! I think I might add this Noni Juice drink to my morning drink. It has a sort of sour plum taste about it, and sourness is missing from my morning fruit cocktail.

The company is 'Thai Herb Processing Group', 253 Moo 6 Tumbol Ratanawapi, Amphur Ratanawapi, Nongkhai, 43120, Thailand, tel 089-712-0453, fax 042-418263, email, the owner speaks English.

The full health claims they make:

Pushing the fat four and sugar in blood which is the cause of diabetes and blood pressure. Gout disease, knee swelling, painful joints, tendon pain. Numbness of the finger and toes. Asthma, sinus, allergy, urticaria rashes. Purified blood, push amniotic fluid, period and leucorrhoea. Viral hepatitis and heart disease. Stomach disorder, anti-oxidents, push toxins. Not for pregnant women or patients with kidney disease.

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