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More Sweet than Sour: Miracle Berries


Perhaps you've heard about this fruit: Synsepalum dulcificum, a berry that if chewed causes sour things to taste sweet?

I found you can buy these from Taiwan in tablet form, so I wanted to try some Thai sour things and see what effect the berry would have on them. Everyone always tries lemon, but why not try lots of things?!

What exactly does tamarind taste link if its no longer sour? Or Mayom for that matter?


I went to the market to see what I could find that was sour, and I also wanted to test a bitter things too, small bitter melons will be perfect for that. And to increase the range, I added some pickled fruit like mango and grape.


The berries are chewed but the tablets are sucked, with the juice coating your mouth. The packet explains that the sour taste buds are at the sides of the tongue, so I make sure to get plenty on there.

The lemon, well it tastes like lemonade without much sugar in it, its not sour but its not sweet and you're left with the lemon smell.

I blended tamarind with a little water to form a juice (aka Tamarind Water), and that tastes very sour without first sucking a tablet, and after sucking the tablet, it tastes like herb green tea.

Mayom, the small green berry that's very very sour, and is eaten either pickled (to emphasize the sourness) or candied (to neutralize the sour). Well taking away the sour flavor leaves it tasting like Rose Apples, (Chompoo).. I wonder if its the same family, because the smaller rose apples, are very similar in shape and texture to mayom berries.

Green Mango, I was expecting this to taste like ripe yellow mango, but it tastes totally different. Tangy, nothing like the fruit, not sour either. Pickled green mango was even more of this tangy.

Pickled grape tasted like old grapes that had lost their sweetness. This was not an improvement! It doesn't make things sweet, it really just takes away sourness leaving any natural sweetness to come through.

Bitter melon, as expected, it didn't affect the bitter taste. I liked the melon and found a bitter taste in the middle of my tongue.

Manberries (the colorful hairy berry in the photo) tasted on nothing. All that remained was the texture. Perhaps their flavor is just the vitamin C in them?

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