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Lady Pie, Phuket's Answer to the Witches Pie Shop


Christmas is coming, we don't really celebrate it here in Thailand. A holiday that celebrates a religion we don't follow, with a tree that doesn't grow here, eating a large bird we don't farm, it makes no sense. There are plenty of fat jolly red faced men here in Thailand though, and one of them recommended Lady Pie as a place to get mincemeat pies from.

I've visited the Witches Pie Factory in Bangkok, famous for Western style savory pies, and this is Phuket's version of that. Run by an Australian woman, its been going for 9 years, so its doing something right!


While I was there I bought a few pies to sample and photograph. These are some fully stuffed pies, and stuffed with real chunks of meat, chopped vegetables and home made sauces, not the grey factory gloop of supermarket pies. The steak and mushroom pie turned out to be the most photogenic, but my creamy chicken pie came a close second.

Susan the owner, let me pop into the factory and get some photographs, this is pie-central, split into different departments to make, bake and take the large number of pies she sells. It's a reassuringly high turnover, so you're sure you're getting a fresh made pie.


She does a range of pies, pasties, and even pickles, for the mince pies she even does a brandy sauce, sadly not brandy butter, which is the one I'm more familiar with. No matter, I'll try to make that myself.

The shop with factory next door can be found on the Sisunthorn - Bang Tao road, in Central Phuket Island. Their website is

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