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Koren Style/BBQ 149 Baht/Paradise


NOTE: Papa market has replaced this buffet!

Doesn't the title say it all?

I've been exploring the area around Udomsuk, where I'm staying for a few weeks in it's April/May. My nearest malls are Paradise mall HaHa mall and Seacon Square mall, and exploring around these areas has been a real boon. (HaHa is the new mall they build between Paradise Mall and Seacon Square mall).

I've discovered an unlimited BBQ, 149 baht a head gets you live music, and a wide selection of meats, fish, shrimp and vegetables to grill Korean style over charcoal at your table.


Korean style grills, have a grill plate in the middle, and a soup trough around the outside. The juices from the marinated cooked meats run into the soup to enrich it. You cook your vegetables and soft things like fish balls in the soup, and meats are grilled on the top place. (My Korean BBQ recipe suggestion is here).


The big draw for this BBQ is the shrimp. The blue freshwater shrimp are a decent size and afficiandoes wait for the tray to be refilled, then grab all the big ones for an BBQ experience entirely made of shrimp! I spotted several of these, big piles of shrimp and nothing else.


I noticed they only refill the tray every 15-30 minutes or so, and was lucky to catch a refill just as I walked past. I think they get a bit tired of the shrimp mongers, and put them out as normal people walk past the tray. Finally I would get some shrimp for myself! So after a round of grilled meats, grilled fish, even a bacon round, I finally could have a shrimp round.


For 149 baht a head, its insane value for a good quality buffet with plenty of choice, and live entertainment. You don't get better value in Bangkok. You can find it between Seacon Square and Paradise shopping malls. It's just after the entrance to Train Market.

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