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Isaan Fish, Exploring Udomsuk


It's April and I'm exploring the areas around Udomsuk while I'm here in Bangkok, and there are so many many many places to eat eat eat. I know it sounds like an echo, or a broken record, but this is what it's like.

I've decided to eat Isaan style, my home region and just along the street are two Isaan places, since I've been feeding fish at the temple, it's time for fish to feed me. I've been eying up the barbecued fish and decided to order Mien Blah, a fish parcels set. I've covered these on my recipe site, they're parcels of lettuce, noodles, herbs like coriander and basil, a sweet sauce, and often chopped chillies or spicy chilli sauce.

I've made a video to show you how to assemble and eat your parcel, don't be afraid, it's easy!

The shop owner tell me, he used to have a place near foreigners, and sometimes 6 of them would come to his restaurant and order 6 separate fish and 6 separate sets of vegetables. That's not how it works, this is a shared dish, you order one fish, and one or two sets of vegetables and sauces, share them, and if you run out, order more.

I manage to eat by 9pm, and since this is Saturday, I'm going to explore the live music venues in the square below, but it's only after 11pm, it gets a bit more lively here.

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