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Is Bangkok Child Friendly?


So, I have a new baby, and she's the most adorable thing in the world. But life goes on, and can she come too? Can she enjoy nights, as long as we don't stay out late? Can she enjoy meals at fancy restaurants? Can she enjoy the colors and lights and life of Bangkok?

Most of the time I take her out in a stroller, so she can sleep in it, if she gets tired. Bangkok isn't stroller friendly, the streets are rough, the curbs high, ramps are few and far between. Even some of the malls are terrible for strollers. Seacon Square mall has the lifts blocked by metal pillars. The pillars stop you taking shopping trollies up and down in the lifts, but they also block baby strollers.

If you ask the cleaners at Seacon, they'll tell you about the unmarked delivery lifts, hidden in corridors marked 'staff only'. It's the staff in Seacon Square that solve the problems, the mall design is not child friendly at all.

But how about restaurants? Do they have child seats? Easy access for strollers? Are you even allowed to bring in children?

I've eaten at a lot of restaurants, and I've never been turned away with my child. Never ever. She's always allowed in. Many of the chain restaurants and fancier ones have child seats. Access is not so good, in the video you can see the staff lifted her baby stroller up the stairs to the roof terrace so we could enjoy the view.

Show DC mall has an excellent Indian Restaurant, called Utsav and it's on the 5th Floor. This was a real find, good quality Indian restaurants are hard to find in Bangkok. Their website is a joke, ignore the $55.98 prices on it, this is a cheap restaurant, butter chicken was 275 baht, less than $10.
I found a non-spicy butter chicken for her, she absolutely loved it. Eating naan bread dipped in butter chicken sauce with a big smile on her face. I will definitely eat here again.


Oishi Eaterium is a new chain from Oishi of mixed style luxury buffet meals. I went to try it at Mega Bangna and found they have baby seats and are very use to children there. The staff couldn't be more helpful. They didn't even mind when she knocked a plate of the floor and broke it. The staff appeared, cleaned it up, gave us a new plate and were gone with a quick smile for my baby. There's lot for her to eat here. She particularly liked the teriyake mushrooms... too tough for her to bite through, but great for dipping in sauces so she can enjoy the flavors.

Same with Amonte, the luxury Italian restaurant on Udomsuk road. Again, they had a baby chair and baby plate and were very happy to have children eat. I bought her a mushroom and black truffle soup and she absolutely loved it. This is a high end restaurant, with a medium price, and yet still the staff helped lift her stroller up the stairs.


So, the verdict. Is Bangkok child friendly? Yes or No?

The answer is no. Bangkok city isn't child friendly, but the people are. If you re-read this entry you see me mention the staff did this and the staff did that. It's the restaurant staff that help so much, the mall staff that solve stroller problems, the shop staff that smile when a happy child comes into their shop.

So at least once a week, I take her out to enjoy something new in Bangkok, knowing the staff of the restaurant, mall, or show will help solve any problems that might spoil the fun.

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