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Green Caviar


I was wandering around Phuket Night Market on Sunday, and I noticed a new thing: Green Caviar!

I just have to try this.

It's a sea weed, with lots of green globes that look like fish eggs, hence the name. Very clever marketing to call it caviar, but it's not.


The stall was quite busy, other people were interested to try it to. The stall keeper described it as a superfood, rich in all the essential everythings that everyone needs, all the time. I'm sure you know how that hard sell works.


So what does it taste like? Salty, but not as salty as fish eggs, and smells faintly fishy, and a little of the sea. Apart from the saltiness, I really couldn't taste much. I think this is more for look and texture than taste. The little green globes would make a great garnish for a dish, but they're not the main flavoring or even the seasoning.

But still, it's interesting to try new things.

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