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Fresh Chips/Crisps + Street Show, 20 Baht

For 20 baht, this lady turns a potato into a spiral of crisps, a show of skill, and a few minutes of entertainment! She peels the potatoes, cuts them into a spiral, fries the spiral and serves you them with the choice of flavoured powders. All fresh, all made right there in front of you. I chose Tom Yam flavored chips.

Although I said spiral, they weren't a spiral, they were individual crisps on a stick. The cutter definitely cuts a spiral, but look carefully when she spaces that spiral on the stick, she holds the potato and rotates the stick forwards and backwards (1:40 in the clip). I think she's breaking them into the separate crisps at that point. Very very skillfully done.

This stall can be found at this location (the green arrow on the map):

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