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Food in Jatujak Market Bangkok


Lets take a tour through the many food stands available at Jatujak market. As the biggest weekend market, with over 5000 stall, naturally there are cafes and restaurants, but I want to show you the huge variety of food stalls there, and get your mouth watering for a visit to Thailand!


Naturally Jatujak has its share of mainstream food. The ribs above, dripping in teriyake sauce, or the baked iced cakes topped with sugared eggs, iced cherries or sprinkles, at the top of the article. But it also has the more traditional Thai foods.

This one is sticky rice coated in egg and grilled over charcoal. You've seen these on my food blog as 'Stick rice egg cakes' and they're a terrific on-the-go food.


Or how about these, Radish Jewels. These weren't very popular a decade ago, but I've mentioned them already on this life blog.

There's a better standard of presentation when you have so much competition, even something as simple as a coconut get's peeled! The juice is still inside them, the stall owner has carefully cracked and peeled off half the shell.


Fancy some fruit? You'll see stalls with fruit in plastic glasses, these are the ingredients for fruit smoothies. Choose the one you want and they'll blend it with some syrup.


Or try sour guava slices with sugar and chillies the way we eat them in Thailand. Sour, sweet and spicy all in a fruit dish.


Gyros stands, squid eggs fried in large pans, grilled tiger prawns, there's so much to eat n each visit to Jatujak!

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