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Flying Chicken Giveaway


It's December 5th, and Flying Chicken, a restaurant I covered on my travel blog, is doing a chicken giveaway in celebration of the Kings Birthday.
They've taken over a corner of Udom Suk road in Bangkok, set up their unicycle ramp and a chicken frying area and are ready to do a giveaway. 400 fried chickens to be cooked, cut and given away, all-free, first come first serve.

(Video after the break)

For people about to receive free chicken, and a unicycle/projectile show, the queue is miserable. There are only two smiles among the whole lineup! I'm not there, I leave my friends to do the camera work and dash off. I won't receive a free chicken, and yet I'm not grumbling!

The usual Flying Chicken shows are done, the unicycle, the lettuce catching, this time no chickens are flung and certainly no flaming chickens, perhaps its too dangerous to hurl burning chickens through the air of a public street! They had an ambulance nearby just in case, but nobody suffered lettuce-lash.


If you watch the video closely, did you notice the man picking his nose? Me neither.

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