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Dried Bananas with Honey Glaze, OTOP, Tak


Slow oven dried bananas coated with a honey glaze. Delicious! They've packaged them in little foil wrappers too, so you can drop a small banana treat into your kids lunch box, or take them on picnics. They don't taste that sweet, they have the sort of slow release complex sugars that fruit and honey has, which I prefer.

I was at the government complex in Bangkok, a huge building, like a huge shopping mall, with offices for many government departments. In the central square they had a trade show on from OTOP. OTOP stands for 'One-Tambon-One-Product', it's a government initiative to promote one hand crafted product from each town. These bananas were the product from Tak, a town and province in Northern Thailand.

These are a new product from San Kow Kom. They are completely natural, well packaged and professionally presented. Tel Thailand 0-5558-1699 or 0-8843-98403 to contact the company.

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