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Cooking with Dog (It IS what you think)

I've linked to the 'Cooking with dog (it's NOT what you think)' channel before, this is a slightly different report from Nakhon Phanom, the province next to Laos where I own a farm.

The Thai border police have seized dogs that were being exported to Laos and Vietnam. They believe the dogs are being exported for their meat.

But they're not really sure if the trade is legal or not. They don't know what to do with all the dogs they seized, perhaps the dogs will be put down?! But then what have they saved? They didn't really think this through.

But donations flood in, tens of millions of baht, more than $5000 per dog. Mostly from city Thais who love animals, but only the cute ones. Nobody loves pigs, pork is too delicious.

In response a protest march from the sellers. They have lost their livelihood, there is no law banning exports of dogs, yet their dogs have been seized. The unstated message here is also that eating dog meat is common all along the Laos/Cambodia border inside Thailand, but Thai news focuses on this export story.

I don't like dogs, I was bitten as a child and thankfully saved or I would not be here today. In the countryside, dogs breed till their food supply is exhausted then they get hungry and see children as food. On some farm streets you don't dare walk. You don't let your children out, there are too many dogs.

So I think people need to be more realistic when it comes to dogs.

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