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Cookin' Nanta (In Bangkok's RCA Plaza)


Cookin' Nanta is a Korean live dance, food, comedy show. Sort of like Stomp but with lots of cabbage thrown everywhere.

This is a long running show in Korea, and they've made a long running Bangkok version of it at the RCA Plaza Theater.

As with most of these shows they don't let you film the show, so you can get an idea of it from the promotional video. It's visual humor, rather than verbal humor, so there is no language barrier to overcome.

It's fun, an evening of family friendly entertainment you can take the kids too. For reasons I didn't quite understand the audience was full of Chinese tour groups!

The venue is RCA Plaza, which is mostly just a collection of night clubs next to a road, with a go cart center on the second floor. I'll leave the go carts for another day, they weren't running the day I visited.


There was a pretty good Japanese restaurant around the corner, Danabe, and if you walk along the street there are ribs and burgers and Thai food. So you can do dinner and a show quite easily.

Tickets available at their box office, or online at website.

The obvious question: which is better, Stomp or Cookin Nanta? I've seen both shows and Stomp is more varied, and more choreographed, but Nanta is still a good show.

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