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Christmas Roast


I've been slow posting lately, instead of making recipes and exploring exciting places, I've been busy on a long term baking project, and simply haven't had the time.

But Christmas is here, and I need to celebrate, a holiday is out of the question, sleigh rides and snowmen aren't possible in Bangkok, but I can at least have a full Christmas dinner with all the trimmings.

I've chosen Pullman Hotel's Christmas Buffet on Sukhumvit Road next to Asok BTS station. This is pricey at 2700 baht a person, but heck, it's once a year.

(Video after the break)


They do a weekly seafood buffet here too, and you can tell from the big selection of fresh seafood that forms part of the buffet. Oysters from Cancale, I've been there, it's in Northern France and they're famous for their mussels too, but I'm playing it safer with a sushi fish course.

The next big festival for Thailand is New Years, and for that I'll be watching the fireworks in Pattaya. I'm am very lucky.

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