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China Town Food


When you wander around China town, take time to look at all the food there is. Not just the ingredients, but the cooked prepared, ready top eat food too. The Chinese do things slightly different to the Thais but there is a lot of common foods between us and a lot of influence both ways. Of course China town is also in Bangkok, so there's also regular Thai food.

Lets go through some of the food, firstly above, the woman selling these tells me they are the Chinese version of Garlic Greens cakes, see my recipe. The presentation of the Chinese version is so much fancier and I think there is far more tapioca flour there.


Then there's these fried dishes, this stall was selling pretty much anything fried in batter. Sweet corn, seeds, peanuts. Not that far different from the traditional peanut fried cookies.


Roasted cassava oozing sugar syrup. At least that's what the lady selling it told me, but it doesn't loook much like cassava. 30, 40 and 50 baht small, medium and large portions seems expensive for barbecued cassava.


These are meats and nuts wrapped in yellow bean curd sheet. Click the link to a very similar recipe.


A visit to China town reminds me that I haven't made many steamed buns. I've made Sa La Pow, the savoury pork variant of this bun, but all of these buns I saw had sweet fillings!


There were plenty of Thai/Chinese versions of western foods too. These are Madeleines, the traditional french sponge cake, cooking in a specially moulded griddle.


Curried meat pies, the Thai style of pie, that I've done the recipe for this curry pie for before, it can be found here.

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