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Cheese Themed Restaurant in Kathu, Phuket


On my way home one Tuesday afternoon, I passed a strangely named restaurant "Only Cheese" on one of the cut streets in Kathu. Inside were diners, that's always a good sign. So it was popular, and novel. That needs investigating!

A Saturday night trip out and it turns out to be a meat fondue diner, hot pans of cheese and cooked meat or seafood are melted together, and you eat with chopsticks. I've seen this in Korean restaurants, but I always think it needs some French bread to give it a bit of crunch. It's been on my todo list for a while.

It is a bit of fun. They have a range of hot pans, and some ready made baked cheese dishes. I went for the mussels covered in cheese and paprika, and a hot pan of spicy chicken and cheese, and one of pork and cheese. We pigged out on a cheese main course, so naturally that means we have to finish with a cheese dessert! So we asked for the menu again to see what cheese themed desserts they had.



No cheesecake on the menu! No cheese puff balls. No cottage cheese puffs. No dessert on the menu at all!

It's not that we need dessert, it's that a cheese themed day requires a cheese themed dessert! It's just not cheese themed without a cheese dessert! After a bit of discussion, we decided to try 'Cafe Station' over near Two Sisters Monument. We've seen this before, but never really fancied coffee in the evening, but perhaps they have cake! Coffee and cake go together, so they'll have lots of cake.

We arrive nearly at 10, they were closing, they couldn't serve us food, but they did have some cheesecake left!


They had a very rich chocolate cheese cake to save the evening.

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